Natty Boh Medalion

My project is a medallion pin printed on Tinkerkad. I made it because I thought a pin would be a nice thing to put on my backpack or bring to an Orioles game. I had a tough time with getting the medallion to scale so it would be a reasonable size I almost made it to small to see in real size. I realized their was a scale on the side of my creation which fixed my problem. I really liked that I got to design something of my own and that it would come to be real. Next project I would like to make it a 3D sphere head so I could hang it like an ornament.

These are the parts of my rocket ship I made on tinkercad. I made it because I thought it would look cool. I had a hard time figuring out how to print the rocket so I had to split it apart and put it vertically and glue them together. I really liked the outcome because it printed well and looked nice. If I did this project again I would defiantly make it bigger.

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