Social Media in Ferguson

The author is a white woman who writes for CNN named Emanuella Grinberg. She specializes in gender equality. The article was written in August 2014, the same month that Michael Brown was shot and killed. This affects the meaning of the source because everyone was talking about Ferguson at the time. CNN has always been a prominent news source, and because the author specializes in gender equality she most likely stands for racial equality as well. The audience would be anyone that is trying to figure out what is going on in Ferguson and anyone that uses social media and wants to know how it is playing a part in the events in Ferguson. The source was created to inform people about the events in Ferguson and what is really going on according to social media. The source is trying to convey the idea that social media is getting out the true story while other media sources are hiding some of what is going on. This source is significant because the Ferguson events were very widely talked about and controversial so many people talked about it on social media and wanted answers.

The events in Ferguson Missouri after the death of Michael Brown on August 9th became a hugely talked about and controversial event. After Michael was shot by a police officer, community members were hugely distressed and upset. Police were dressed in riot gear preparing for the worst. On social media, locals in Ferguson were tweeting about police brutality and racial issues concerning the shooting. Because of these events, more attention has been drawn to the inequalities in the criminal justice system. The hashtags and trends on social media helped to create advocacy groups so that everyone can see what is really going on.

The author of the second article Is James Poniewaznik who is a reporter and journalist that specialist in TV news and the media. This makes him qualified to write about issues in Ferguson with the media. The article was written inn November of 2014 which is around the time that the trial for Michael Browns death took place. This affects the article because the media had finally been allowed in to Ferguson and so more opinions and ideas about the whole subject matter were made known. Because the author specializes in issues relating to the media, this increased the amount of detail present in the article. I also know what goes on in criminal trials due to my avid watching of law and order shows. The audience that this was written for would probably be anyone interested in the trials and anyone who supports equal treatment among the races. This was written to inform people of what was going on in the media related to the trial. The main point of the source is to let people know how the media is affecting what's going on in Ferguson. It is important because as American citizens we should be informed about what is going on in our country.

This article talks about the benefits and downfalls of having media in ferguson during the events that led up to the trial for Michael Browns death. The media was good because it let the rest of the world know what's going on so that they could help get people to safer locations and find out what is happening to their friends and family. Having a large media presence there is also bad because sometimes wrong information gets out and people get confused about what is going on and maybe find out that someone died or a store was ransacked when really that's not true at all. I find this interesting because the media has such a huge presence and is always there when something is going on. My grandparents live in the same state that this occurred in which is alarming because I wouldn't want anything to happen to them because of the police or wrongful murders.

The author of the last article is Catherine Herridge. She has experience in the department of homeland security and is a London correspondent.  The article was written just a few weeks ago because it talks about the current events in Baltimore related to the past events in ferguson in association with the media. Based on my prior knowledge,  The media has a huge affect in what is going on with police violence issues. The article was intended for an audience of anyone interested in the current events in Baltimore and anyone that was interested in the events in ferguson. The source was created to help people realize the correlations between police violence because it is a rising issue in the United States and even around the world. The main point of this article is to educate people on how the media is negatively affecting  law enforcement officials across the country. This article holds a high significance because it exposes potential conspiracy theories occurring in our country at this time.

This article focuses on certain accounts on social media and how they have been linked to multiple acts of violence across the country. Someone from inside government walls believe that somebody has been initiating the violence in ferguson, baltimore, and even some protests in New York City. It is believed that a certain group is purposely doing this to stir up trouble within the United States. I think this is really crazy because it could be a terrorist group or someone trying to cause pure anarchy and the eventual downfall of the United States.

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