Writing Screenplays

If you harbor interest in becoming a screenplay writer, then you have to appreciate the fact that the film industry is littered with good scripts that never made production for one reason or another. Sometimes, reasons beyond your control may hamper the success of your work. This is not to discourage you, but rather enable you to temper any unrealistic expectations that you might have.

You can make quite some good money from writing screenplays, but first you have to come up with captivating content. The following tips should help in that regard.

Take it seriously

A good screenplay tells a story, educating the audience on what the writer is familiar and passionate about. The story comes to life through the words chosen, so take it seriously. Stick to genres and topics you know and care deeply about.

Pay attention to the structure

Jean Luc-Godard, a famous French filmmaker, once said that a story should have structure: a starting point, middle, and conclusion, “but not necessarily in that order.”

Funny quip aside, you need to have a clear idea about how the story starts, where it reaches a high point, and where it ends. Having structure enables you to have a clear idea of the story in advance. More experienced writers talk about “letting the story tell itself.” However, until you reach such status, always consider structure.

Lastly, as you seek to develop your characters, let the actual dialogue come after you have a concrete idea of the story. Listening to the people around you will help come up with realistic dialogue.

Natris Morris is a merchant account sales consultant who loves to original screenplays during his free time.

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