Energy Webquest

1. What are three interesting uses for petroleum? What are three other uses that are very important to us? Roller Skates,Football Cleats,Footballs. Refrigerators,Food Preservatives,Fertilizers.

2. According to the Department of Transportation, how many gasoline and diesel-fueled motor vehicles are currently on U.S. roads? 247,264,605

3. According to the Census Bureau, how many people currently live in the U.S.? What is the current global population? What percentage of people all live in the U.S.?7.163 billion,2.8 percent,7 billion

4. Globally, how much crude oil was produced daily in 2007 (number of barrels)?85.6 million

5. How much crude oil did the U.S. consume each day in 2007 (number of barrels)?3.39 billion

6. Based on the data in #4 and #5 above, what percentage of world crude oil production was consumed by the U.S.? 85.3%

7.  The U.S. is home to _____% of the world's population, yet consumes _____% of the world's crude oil. 54,45

8. What was the global daily consumption of crude oil in 2007 (number of barrels)?63 million barrels

9. What was the total amount of crude oil consumed globally for all of 2007 (number of barrels)? 20.6 million barrels

10. According to BP, the top oil producing company in the U.S., what is the size of the world's oil reserves (number of barrels)? 1.5 trillion barrels

11.How many years should our current endowment of crude oil last (realizing these assumptions may be faulty)? 1960

12.Which decade did global oil discovery peak? 1970

13. When did U.S. crude oil production peak (scroll down to Figure 12)? What percentage of our crude oil was imported from other countries, according to the EIA? 1970,69%

14. What percentage of our crude oil was imported from other countries, according to the EIA in 2010? 50%

15. Why is it disadvantageous that the U.S. imports crude oil from other countries? That disposing of the produced oil from somewhere eles is a problem.

16.When is the global petroleum production peak expected to occur? What is the prediction made by the International Energy Agency (IEA) (see table at bottom-left corner)? 1920,markets might evolve if investment in the upstream industry.

17. What effect will the global petroleum production peak have on the world? prices and production

18. Do you anticipate the U.S. becoming 'energy independent' over the next decade? No because of all this air polluation.

19.Summarize the content of the video and explain if you think its content and assessment of our situation is fair and accurate. Shows the peak of  oil visually. How they would put it in their say.

20. What recommendations would you make to President Obama to help the U.S. manage its energy needs (3 paragraph minimum)? Issue of climate change, and protect our environment. The President will take unprecedented action to build the foundation. For a clean energy economy. Heavily involved through safety and environmental regulations and setting national energy goals.

US government policy and funding decisions have encouraged the development of greater civilian nuclear capacity. The commitment to nuclear power as part of the USA's long-term energy strategy. There has been a reduction in some nuclear programs as a result of greater emphasis on alternative sources of energy. Disposal and storage of high-level nuclear waste remains a major unresolved issue.

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