The hero

he changed the world

Martin Luther King JR is a hero in may different ways. In fact he was the greatest hero I ever heard of. Without him I wouldn't here standing where am. I couldn't be with my friends or go drink from same water fountain. Their are many African American hero but Dr. King is my favorite.

It took ton of leadership to do what Martin Luther King JR did this is the first reason Dr.King is my hero. In 1963 Dr.King formed a massive march on Washington to achieve civil rights. In 1964 he was awarded the noble peace prize. King formed a nonviolent protest against bus boycott polices scared protester with dogs and sprayed them with fire hoses. This is the first reason I think Martin Luther King JR is a hero.

The second reason is because of the courage he had. King afraid of the dog or the polices. In fact he was put in the Birmingham jail in 1963 for protest. Plus he put his whole family in danger just for us. This is the second reason he is a hero.

Martin Luther King JR was always thoughtful and thing of others . This is the last reason he is so heroic. King gained independence for all colored people. In1966 King turned to other problems and spoke out in the Vietnam war. This is the last but not least reason Dr.King is so amazing.

So I hope now you think Martin Luther King JR is a hero.I could have chose African American. I saw the real hero. I believe that is Martin Luther King JR. Who do you think the hero is?

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