Storybird uses for Learning

Storybird uses for Learning

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Storybird is free to use for everyone, but there if you would like to purchase a printed copy of the book you have created there will be a cost depending on the details of the book.

Supported Platforms:

Storybird is used online in a browser of your choice. There is also a Chrome app for Storybird.


Storybird is a very creative book creating program that is ran online. Storybird allows users to create a story in a book form using its preloaded art. There is a multitude of different themes that can be used. There is also countless amounts of formats that can be used to create stories as well. Fonts can also be customized by size, style, and color. The preloaded pictures can be arranged differently on the pages with the text that the user puts into the story to fit what the user may like. Once the user has completed their story they can publish it on the storybird website. The published story can be shared with other by using a link. When the link is clicked on the user will be taken to the story that starts with the cover. The story can then be navigated by clicking the corresponding arrows for the direction they chose to turn the page.


Educational Uses:

One obvious use for storybird would be creating a project and using storybird to relay the information. Another use would be using storybird to give instructions or a lesson to students. The last use would be to tell a story that could supplement the students learning.

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Below is a video tutorial for Storybird.

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