The Flipping Toolbox
You Didn't Know You Have

The internet of things lets us learn literally everywhere we go. We even have it in our cars now! The only requirement is that we find the appropriate and relevant content that fits our specific needs. How many times did you look at a video tutorial and said to yourself "if only they used language that my students could understand!".

Now you don't have to wonder! Tools that we have in our classrooms and use every day can help us create and deliver content to anyone, from anywhere, anytime. So all we have to do is just find time to create that special, customized content. Well, now.. you'll say, it's not that easy; have you seen my schedule? As a matter of fact, I have, and I may have the perfect solution for you! What if instead of you making all those videos, animations, presentations, polls, forms, and so on, you could get your students to make them with the very tools they are so eager to use? Imagine what a library you'll have, and how proud your students would be! Do you think they would be more involved in class? Join me Monday, Feb. 2nd, 3:00-4:30 pm (room 8B) at TCEA to learn how to make this  possible! Session #150197 Mark your calendars and follow me @dbidulescu to learn more exciting news!

Bring your best dreams and your most ardent desires, and let's build your flipping plan!