European Exploration Proposal

A Note To King Henry IV

Dear King Henry IV,
My crew and I were wondering if you could fund us for a trip to the New World. Going to the New World would be the best place to go for resources and land since not many people have been there not. As a citizen of France, I think that France should fund us because I can find resources and bring it back for our country. That means that we can get a profit and pay you back if you want. If we get funded, we are planning on leaving on October 30, 1605. Below are the procedures and things we will do to prepare for the trip.

Targeted Resources

Something that is highly wanted in our country, France, is fur. Getting this resource from the New World will be very beneficial for sales. This could also make our country wealthy. My plan is that we get most if not all of the fur, because then we can sell it for a higher price since it cannot be found anymore.

The next target it land. Claiming land in the New World means that we can expand our country. Also, other explorers are looking for land.

If you are wondering what would happen if we don't find fur or land, we will try to find gold. Gold is another resource that is highly wanted by the other European explorers. If France finds it first, it will be beneficial to us and plus the other explorers won't be able to get gold, which would make their trip unsuccessful.

If we don't find any of these things at all, we will at least bring back something we can use and sell like wood. Selling a lot of wood altogether could be a ton of money.

Transportation & Route

For transportation, we are planning on traveling by ship. This will be the most efficient form of transportation since there is a body of water sespartating Europe and the New World.

Below is the route we will take. We decided to go down because of the water current coming down from the North. If we take this route it should get us there faster than if we go through the water current.
When we get to the New World, we should land approximately in the Southeast area.

Obstacles & Solutions

One obstacle to expect is diseases and illnesses.

To avoid diseases and illnesses, we will be prepared by bringing a variety of medicines.

Another obstacle to expect is confronting other explorers.

The solution to this obstacle would be to bring along weapons so that we have defend ourselves from other weapons the opponent might have.

Starvation is another obstacle to expect.

To prevent this from happening, I will make sure to bring along mounds of food so that nobody will die of starvation.

Wild animals can be expected so it is an obstacle as well.

To defend, we will bring along weapons and armor.

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I think that my crew and I can do an absolutely great job on supporting our country. I hope that you decide to fund us! Thank You!

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