Dear Danny,

Thank you for the books! It was like Christmas when I got back to the farm and saw the package. I will be doing a steering vane-

I have single handed over a dozen times so far, one time getting up to 6.6 knots in 4 foot seas! Thanks to you and your toy boxes of deck hardware! The hardware collections are like a puzzle, as I considered single handing and researched deck configurations the collection began to make sense.

I used the length of stainless chain around the mast step attached with #10 wood screws in pre drilled holes, to provide a verity of mounting positions for the turning blocks.

From there the lines lead to the double deck organizers, then under the dodger.

I purchased a new spinlock clutch to cinch the halyards as the sails are raised. I left room for a new/old winch I got on Craigslist but have not yet needed or mounted it.

On the port side I temporarily repurposed the cam cleats and blocks from the tiller rig.
The right line is the boom down haul ( is that what you call it?) .

The left line is new and is the mainsail down haul (or dowser). From the sail hardware kit, I used one of the mainsail slides with a ring on it up near the head board of the sail. I fed the line through it and tied a knot, lead it through the 3 reefing rings and down to a turning block at the base of the mast etc.. When the time comes I can haul down the main from the cockpit. With this line cleated in the down position I can carry tension on the halyard when motoring out of the harbor, ready to raise sail but without the clanking of a lose halyard.

When dowsing the jib/genoa the zig zag keeps it aboard.
Note the line threaded trough the stanchions, it is the jib dowser.

In the sail hardware kit I found one sail hank/clip and set it up on the dowser line to ride to the top of the headsail, the line is routed through one of your cheek blocks, I added some shackles to guide the line, I stagger them between the jib clips.

I made the tiller tamer permanent.

I added a hiking stick.

And fixed the swim ladder.

We hauled her out and trucked her back to the farm were we will shoot the movie.
Thanks for all the help and this great boat! I will keep you posted as I carry on with Hokahey.

Updates to follow-

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