Holiday Lesson: Gift Comparison

History of Toys/Games

                            Subject: Social Studies                       Grade: 3-5, 6-8

Description: Prompt students to research toys or games that were popular gifts during the holidays in the past and compare them to how they have adapted to current day trends. Students can submit photos, media or text of a specific toy or game from the past and compare it with photos, media or text of the same or similar toy that is popular today.

Recommended Tag: #Holiday-gifts


Sample questions to answer

  • Who invented this toy/game? George Lerner
  • What date/year was this toy/game created? May 1, 1951
  • How much did the toy originally cost? How much does it cost now? Then $0.98 Cents, Now $5.99
  • How has the toy/game changed over time? Originally the toy only provided the legs, arms nose and mouth. Children used real potatoes and vegetables to create their own Mr. Potato Head. Now children are provided a plastic potato.