Holland Toles

Experienced Attorney and Businessman

About Holland Toles

A native of Happy, Texas, Holland Toles earned an MBA from Harvard, followed by a JD from The University of Texas School of Law. After completing his education, he embarked upon a career in corporate, finance, and banking law, serving as a partner at Johnson & Gibbs and Locke Lord Bissell Liddell. In the late 1990s, BP Capital founder T. Boone Pickens recruited him as a business partner, and in this role, he assisted the enterprise with legal services and business acquisitions. After a brief association, Holland Toles shifted his focus to the restaurant industry. He co-founded Good Eats Cafes, Inc., and built a chain of 15 eateries in Colorado and Texas, which he eventually sold. In 2009, Ed Toles returned to the practice of law and established a solo practice in Dallas.

Away from his profession, Holland Toles devotes personal time to community service and to his hobbies. He previously volunteered with the Food Bank of Houston and he served on West Texas University and The University of Texas committees. For diversion, Holland Toles collects baseball cards and sports memorabilia, an activity that has been featured in local media. He also enjoys air guitar contests, having once reached the national finals competition. 

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