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About Holmberg Technologies, Inc.

Holmberg Technologies Inc. (HTI), an international consulting firm headquartered in the State of Florida, USA, specializes in ending the ongoing human destruction of earth’s resources through unnatural erosion,(avulsion). Their founder, mentor and top researcher is Dick Holmberg an inventor with over a half a century of nautical experience in solving earth problems. Early in his life’s work he focused on developing earth friendly and effective methods to permanently correct unnatural induced problems such as beach erosion he found were caused from humans digging deep harbors and channels. He realized years ago humans needed to end fighting and destroying habitat and learn how to co-exist by working together as team of healers. His permanent and earth friendly methods utilize natural resurrection processes with onetime costs at only a fraction of what now is being spent on reacting or symptom treating. The results achieved by applying the Holmberg methods have shown to be truthful many times over the last half century.
Holmberg Technology Incorporated realizes and understands that each project site has unique problems and therefore tailors its approach with the owner to fit the locations needs. By working with, rather than against the natural qualities of the land or shoreline, the company is able to achieve maximum results that improve the areas long-term outlook, use and value. History has proven again and again that is far more effective to work with mother nature rather than oppose or fight her. Many of HTI open coast sites with strong winds or long fetches are gaining more than two vertical feet of sand annually which is a lot of protection and new land. This buildup ends the threat of wave surge, flooding, slumping, salt water intrusion and numerous other problems related to this human induced process of soil erosion,(avulsion) and fresh water loss.
The company has worked on a wide variety of restoration efforts for many varying types of projects. For example, Holmberg Technology Incorporated has restored beaches along the Great Lakes as well as oceans”. It also has restored many undermined bluffs and slumping slopes on public or private land on behalf of homeowners, governments and other organizations. No matter what the project type or location, Holmberg Technology Incorporated remains committed to delivering cost-effective results that stand the test of time. It truly does understand the key to ending this worldwide threat is to work together to retain soil and fresh water on upper land surfaces so they do not fill the sea and raise salt water basins or ocean levels. Only then will the earth be on the road to recovery.

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