The Holocaust

How long did it take before America got involved?

During World War II, saving Jews from the Nazi's was not a priority to America at first.Jew's came to America for refuge against German forces until 45% of America's imported population consisted of Jewish people. During the Holocaust, American's did not go into full detail about what was happening in Europe. Around 1933, that changed when the American Press reported on the violence that was inflicted on the Jew's in Europe. The American's were concerned. Anti-Jewish movements in Europe increased and Americans were soon going to be apart of the war.

What is antisemitism?

Antisemitism is being against or the hatred of Jews. By this definition we  can clearly see that the Nazi party. Antisemitism is still a big issue in some places today. Because of Nazi's having antisemitism is what became genocide in World War II.

where and when was the first concentration camp established?

The first concentration camp was called Dachau. Dachau was established on March, 1933. It is located about 10 miles Northwest of Munich in Southern Germany. This camp could hold about 4,800 people at a time. Many Jew's were killed in this camp and it is no longer in use today.

This is a sign posted outside of Dachau. This translates to, "working makes free"

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