State sponsored persecution and annihilation of European jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

Rallying the Nation

During the years 1918-1932 multiple different governments tried to control Germany.This time is known in Germany as the Wiemar Republic, but none of these groups of government was able to establish a lasting government. During this time the Nazi party raised and the support of them increased. They also had to gain support for World War ||, since no one was exicted like during World War ||. They convinced everyone that it was right by posters, speaking, and this would be the way that eventually would turn everyone against the Jews.

The Nazi Party

United States Involvement in the Holocaust

Since the United States was in the Great Depression during the Holocaust, it made it very hard for people to attain Visas. Even through the hardship of the Great Depression and the Immigration Act passed by Congress in 1924,the Jews were still the majority of the US immigration total. Stephan Wise, who was president of the World Jewish Congress held a press conference about a message that the State Department received about how the Germans were going to annihilate the Jews of Germany. Another thing is that throughout the Holocaust the American newspapers did not always report about the Nazi in full or in noticeable places, an example would be that articles that should be on the front page was put on the 6th page

Immigration to the US

Concentration Camps

The definition of Concentration Camps is a camp where people are confined, normally in tough or harsh conditions that is not legal under the terms of imprisonment in a constitutional democracy. In the Concentration Camps during the Nazi rule, the prisoners were treated harshly in horrible conditions, and these prisoners were used for projects of the SS group, as labor for expanding the camps, and so much more. The SS group, which was a group that gained it's independence from the SA in 1934 was put in charge of directing and ordering all of the Concentration Camps. The people put into the Concentration Camps were social deviants or political rivals in the Nazi's eyes.