Holtz Learning Centers

Holtz Learning Centers Provide Continuing Ed to Public Safety Pros

About Holtz Learning Centers

Holtz Learning Centers, headquartered in Woodbine, New Jersey, provides continuing education to law enforcement officers, correctional employees, and other professionals working in the fields of criminal justice and public safety. Dedicated to teaching current best practices and core concepts to active professionals, Holtz Learning Centers operates classes throughout New Jersey. These courses focus on a variety of different law enforcement subjects, ranging from New Jersey traffic and juvenile law to general police supervision and department management. One of the organization’s most extensive classes is Police Supervision, Management, and Law, a 17-week, 152-hour immersion course designed specifically to prepare new or up-and-coming top-ranked officers, including sergeants and captains, to succeed at leading busy departments.

Holtz Learning Centers maintains an accomplished instructional team that includes former and current police officers, including chiefs, with experience both in overseeing police departments in the Tri-State Area and in teaching and writing about law enforcement. Leading these professionals is Larry E. Holtz, a former deputy attorney general and assistant prosecutor, who founded his company in 2000. He has also authored law enforcement handbooks for several states including New Jersey, as well as the books Investigative and Operational Report Writing, Contemporary Criminal Procedure, and Criminal Evidence for Law Enforcement Officers.

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