Holy Cross Peoria

Holy Cross in Peoria, Illinois - Guided by the Book of Concord


For more than 40 years, Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church has provided Peoria, Illinois, residents with a safe and reliable place to worship. In addition to being a house of worship, Holy Cross of Peoria operates a preschool and child-care facility.

Licensed child-care professionals provide members and non-members, from six weeks to 12 years old, with religious guidance and a full day of activities. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and snacks, children participate in morning and afternoon activities. The center also engages the whole family by regularly hosting family fun nights, along with Thanksgiving and Christmas performances by the children.

Pastor Douglas Handrich is the leader of the church and executive director of child-care services. With more than 20 years of experience as a Lutheran pastor, Handrich provides members with pastoral care under the guidance of The Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America. Teachings are often based on the doctrine of the Lutheran Confessions from the Book of Concord. Peoria residents interested in joining Holy Cross should visit holycrosspeoria.org for more information.

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