Home Design Strategies: Decorating Around Your Electric Fireplace

Traditional fireplace mantels present “built-in” challenges from a home design standpoint. The unit is essentially embedded into the foundation of the home, leaving you no other choice but to decorate around it and be stuck with material you have. Electric fireplaces give you options, allowing you to choose a style that matches your existing décor and decide where you want to place it. Following are a few tips and ideas that will help you unlock the potential in your cozy heating element and unleash the decorative freedom within you.

Measure For Size and Space

In the room where you plan on installing the unit, measure the length and width of the area to calculate the total square feet. These types of fireplaces heat up the area according to a specific amount of square feet, so using this figure will help you find a unit that is appropriate for the room you're targeting.

Plan For Proper Placement

Whether it's a wall or corner, the unit should be placed in close range of the spot people regularly occupy. Electric fireplaces are fueled by the existing power source at the local grid, so try to keep it near an electrical outlet you can plug up to.

Coordinate With Current Furniture

This decorating project may call for you to do some meddling with existing furniture. Maybe you can arrange the fireplace so it accentuates a loveseat, chair, or other pieces you have in the room. Of if you have a unit that doubles as a media console, you can design the room so your fireplace serves as the focal point.

Work Your Magic

You can give your electric fireplace an authentic, traditional feel by simply decorating it with the proper touches. For example, you can incorporate a set of pokers on the floor, and an arrangement of candles, portraits, and other accents on the mantel.

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