Home Extension Loan

Home extensions are a part and parcel of growth. For example, if you are moving homes, upgrading your lifestyle or adding more room to your space, then an extension loan is an answer to all your queries. These loans help you fulfil your dreams so that you can carry out your extension and upgrade your life. The various kinds of extensions can be classified under the following headings.

Home Loan

This includes loans for self-construction of independent houses, purchase of new flats, and home improvement/renovation.

Plot Loan

This loan is available for the ones who wish to purchase residential plots within municipal limits, etc., for which the construction needs to be conducted within two years.

Loan Against Property

As the name suggests, this loan is availed against residential houses, commercial plots, and rental commercial office spaces.

Loan for Purchase of a Commercial Property

This loan is availed when you wish to purchase commercial property, i.e., office space/shops, etc.

Home improvement loan

While availing loans for extensions, one can also make use of home improvement loans which helps you in maintaining property or redecorating. If you are keen on a new kitchen, windows, redecoration, etc., then home improvement loans help you finance it. Listed below are the reasons to avail your home improvement loan.

  • Building extension
  • Driveway
  • New bathroom
  • New kitchen
  • Structural work at home

What are the advantages of taking a Home Loan?

One of the major advantages of availing a home loan is that there are a range of products that you can try, such as Home Purchase Loans, Home Extension Loans, Home Construction Loans and Plot Loans. You also have various options to choose from in order to repay the loan. You can avail the monthly payment option for convenience. The documentation is easy and hassle-free.