Hi, My name is Rosco.

I am a wonderful 3 year old fixed pit mix and I'm really intelligent and super sweet.
My weight is healthy 60 lbs. or so and I am house-broken. My foster parent has crate trained me so I will easily adapt into your home. I am currently in: Pittsboro, NC.

Rosco: "I am a happy young dog and I love to play and goof around."

I need to find a forever home.

Rosco can be serious especially when it is time to eat. "Did someone say EAT?"

Rosco was rescued from the Cleveland county animal shelter in Shelby, NC in 2013.

He is quite strong and can jump incredibly high - he would be great with a little space to play and exercise himself, maybe even with other dogs (females or similar sized, well adjusted boy dogs).

He is perfect - teeth, weight, health wise :-)  

Rosco: "I am a realllllllllly goood boy."

I am a real goofball and can't wait to be doted on endlessly!

Rosco: "I don't know why someone gave me up... but, I can't wait to meet you!

Rosco is great with kids, yet probably not ideal for him to be with cats left unattended and not really proven around any other farm (goats, chickens, etc.) animals.

He has a sweet manner and listens and walks great on a leash, and listens well off a leash. Food generally is his top priority, so he keeps himself in check behavior wise... waiting for dinnertime :-)

Rosco: "I know, people will be telling you what a beautiful dog you have :-)"

Rosco is a fixed male pit mix that is current on all his vaccinations and has been fostered and socialized with other dogs and kids for nearly a year.

Rosco: "I am really into watching the deer, but I don't bark a whole lot."

Don't you want to adopt me?

Rosco is ready for a loving forever home :-)

Please help Rosco find his forever home by sharing this site and inquire/ask any questions below. If you are interested in Rosco or know someone that might be - I can be reached at 919.636.3468.

Thank you for your love and support and shares.

- David

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