Home Hot Air Fryers

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you can have your favorite French fries with 80% less fat.

Well, that is possible if you cook them at home using the hot air fryer cooker. Fried using hot air instead of hot oil, you'll be pleased to know that these air fried fries taste just as delicious as those fried in oil.

Besides French fries, chicken wings, nuggets, steak or lamb chop turn out tasty and moist when air fried. In fact, you can cook most food stuff in the hot air fryer.

The air frying machine is also easy to use and clean. There is just the temperature button as well as a timer button to adjust. All the removable cooking parts can be washed in the dishwasher.

The Home Kitchen Fryer has detailed reviews of some of these popular home air fryers.

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