Donate to a Family Without a Home

By donating, you will change the lives of many families here in the US.

Millions of families are homeless, but your help can make a HUGE difference.

Here in the US, we may think that everyone has a place to go home to. We may forget how lucky we are to be able to go home after a long day at school or work. We may forget how lucky we are to have dinner every night. Well, many people in the US don't have any of those things. We try to hide the fact that in America there is people who need help. Just a little help is all they need.

By donating to any foundation, you are helping out. Anything to help the homeless of America is a good thing. So many people think that it is too expensive to donate enough money to help, but in reality, anything will help. By donating to Foundations like "Family Promise", "Center for the Homeless", and "Gleaners" will help so much.

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