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"homemade" double-meat lasagna

what you'll need:

What to do:

  1. boil the pasta. (yes the pasta is oven ready, but to cut down on baking time I boil it first.
  2. while your pasta is boiling, cook the sausage and beef together until brown and cooked fully
  3. In a chopper mix your garlic, basil & cream cheese and chop until its the consistency you prefer
  4. once the meat is cooked, add some cream cheese to it along with the pasta sauce until cream cheese is mixed in and melted.
  5. once the pasta is soft, drain it and run it under cold water until you can touch it.

After everything is prepared:

Layer, layer, layer! Noodles, cream cheese spread, meat, Italian and Feta cheese & repeat.

place in the oven at around 400* for atleast 15 minutes or until cheese is melted to your liking. Let it cool and firm up for about 20 minutes. Use this time to cook your garlic bread if you'd like.

Just a heads up!

My fiance LOVES my lasagna partially because it has SO MUCH meat in it. If you prefer less meat, then by all means alter the recipe to your liking. He also enjoys mushrooms in his but sadly, I'm allergic so he's out of luck with that.

**If you make your own variation of this recipe, make a Tackk about it. I'd love to see it, so send it my way!**