World History OPEN HOUSE

About this Course

World History is a year 5 Middle Years Program course. This course builds upon geography foundations and expands students' knowledge about various people groups throughout space and time. This course also helps prepare students for DP history by developing analytical thinking and writing skills.

World History is a survey course of the history of humankind. Due to the expanse of world history and the time limitations of the school year, the scope of this course will focus on transferrable concepts and skills that can be applied to various eras, events, and people from ancient to modern times. In this fast-paced course, students will seek a balance between breadth and depth, and will examine topics like:

  • the impact of geographic factors on major historic events
  • the historic origins of contemporary economic systems
  • the historical development of important legal and political concepts
  • the history and impact of major religious and philosophical traditions
  • the connections between major developments in science and technology

What does my child need to succeed?

  • They need to participate (they will get out of this course what they put in to it)
  • They need to be prepared (come to class on time and with all materials)
  • They need to embrace the quick pace (we have a lot to cover in one semester!)

What will my student learn?

Our First Unit

Topic: Development of Early Civilizations

Statement of Inquiry: Societies innovate to adapt to a changing world.

Activities: Ancient River Valley Civilization inquiries, comparisons, artifacts

Project: "Going for Gold", evaluation of ARVC (due Friday!)