VA Seminar 101 Pre-Event Assignments

by Jomar Hilario

Hi VA Seminar 101 participant,

If you have missed our email containing the pre-event lessons, you can find them in the pages below.

Simply click on each button to view the lessoon.

Got questions? Read below.

1. Before you proceed in reading the FAQ below, please make sure to add Trish Avellana, a member of my team, on Facebook at and then send her a private message: "What's up, Trish? :) Please add me inside the VA101 Facebook group. Thanks!"


Please continue reading the FAQ below.

2. Where can I post my assignments?

You can post your pre-event homework inside the VA101 Facebook Group.

Not yet a member? Make sure you've added Trish (see previous post). Wait within 24 hours for Trish to add you in.

3. Before I proceed to the next lesson, how do I know if I'm doing it right?

The purpose of doing the pre-event homework is for you to get prepared for the main lessons. It is not important whether you're doing it right or wrong.

The purpose here is for you to explore these sites.

4. Is it necessary to do these before the main lesson?

These pre-event lessons will help you understand the main lesson better.

Suggestion: Do the pre-event assignment.

5. How do I get included in the VA101 Facebook group? Please see #1 :)

Wait within 24 hours - 4 days if it's a FRIDAY. Usually, we take vacations on weekends too.  This is the purpose of your PRE-EVENT materials, so you can DO SOMETHING now.

You'll know you have been added in to the secret Facebook group if you can access this page:

If you have any questions, just post 'em on the group wall and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Got more questions?