Here are some advices to Treat a dry scalp:

If you feel tightness in the skull and you have scales, Virgin indian hair honey bee it may be that your scalp is dry. With these tips and treatments tailored our scalp regain its elasticity.

Scalp secUne person who has dandruff may mistakenly interpret as a sign of skin dryness. But the film also occur when the scalp is oily. So the first point to know: a dandruff shampoo does not necessarily rule the dry scalp.
Your scalp is dry?

It is said that the scalp is dry when the skin starts to pull and scrape and small flakes of dead skin fall when passing a comb or brush.
Dry scalp, simple and easy solutions

People do not consult only because of dry scalp says dermatologist Reygagne Pascal, director of the Health Center Sabouraud. If this is your only symptom, Virgin indian hair honey bee you can soothe dryness with moisturizing shampoos urea or eggs, hair conditioners or masks applied to the hair 20 to 30 minutes before washing.
Another tip: Avoid harsh shampoos and anti- psoriasis. Finally, if your scalp feels tight, be careful in the sun. And girls, let your hair loose (not tight bun, mat or ponytail ).
Drought and other symptoms

Sometimes eczema causes dryness in the scalp. Similarly, when people have very dry skin on the legs ( a bit like a crocodile skin ) and their scalp dries it may be a case of ichthyosis, a skin disease characterized by severe drought. We must be vigilant and not to miss a ringworm warned Pascal Reygagne. A ringworm infection is a hair which can sometimes reach the hairs of the beard by a fungus. In general, it can be spotted because in addition to the dryness of the scalp, ringworm causes hair loss, red patches and broken hair. Uncovered skin can then start to peel (dander ) to present scabs and sometimes pus. Ringworm often affects children. Be careful because it is contagious, it can be caught by humans or animals, but ringworm can be treated with antifungal tablets. Virgin indian hair honey bee However, we must avoid sharing combs, brushes and hair trimmers.

Simple rule for you to identify

As you can see, there is no need to worry if you experience only some tightness in the scalp. This should be done with gentle shampoos and moisturizing masks. However, if the drought persists after 3 weeks you still bother, it is advisable to consult your dermatologist to see if there is not an associated condition.
Last tip, avoid scratching as this can break the hair or cause injury. Finally, keep in mind that everyone, regardless of hair type can have a dry scalp or dandruff.

Your hair is dry

Real straw! They tangle easily, split at the tip, are rough, dull and porous. Virgin indian hair honey bee The scalp is dry and sensitive. It even generates some dandruff and itching. Here are some tips to help you overcome these small problems.

SecsLes hair Dry hair is often associated with dry skins. The reasons for this drought are often physiological or related to abuse ( hair care and repeated maladaptive, blow dry, perms, coloring, violent brushings, saltwater, wind, pollution, sun... ).

They lack sebum and must first be rehydrated. Wash your hair only once a week with a shampoo rich in nourishing ingredients such as ceramides, oils and essential fatty acids. Virgin indian hair honey bee Then fill with a moisturizer that does not weigh hair down.

Once two, apply to dry hair mask with shea butter, palm oil or safflower and let stand in a warm towel at least 20 minutes. Ridges and a mild shampoo. Massage your scalp every night to stimulate blood circulation and sebaceous glands. Avoid Hard water or too much chlorine which dries.

Rinse your hair after swimming in the sea and be careful to excessive heat from the sun, water or a hairdryer. If your ends are dry while your scalp is rather fat, treat them with a rehydrating cream for a shampoo seboregulator does the rest.

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