Honing Your Faculty of Observation

They say battles can be lost for the lack of power of observation and there could not have been an apt example of that than a doctor battling to keep a patient alive on the operation table. Of course there are smaller battles that a doctor has to be part of every day. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration therefore if we said being good at observing is a quality medical establishments look for. Here are 3 steps that will get you better at convincing an interview panel that you are good at observing at serious about your career as a doctor.

Choosing the ‘Right’ Program

Simply shadowing a physician is not the best thing to do for obvious reasons. Though you can choose to pursue an observship informally at a hospital or with a renowned physician, the industry has come to be picky about the actual exposure you get during your program, which is why it is very necessary that you pick the correct Center for Observership in India in the first place.

The ‘Right’ Clinical Exposure

Observing in an academic setting can be greatly helpful compared to a place where doctors have little time to answer your queries and explain your doubts elaborately. At Center for Observership in India, you will be amidst other medical students. Since this setting is designed for students, asking questions is expected of you.

The ‘Right’ Attitude

How well you learn depends more on your attitude towards what you are doing as much as what is being taught at the center. Dress professionally and have the right attitude towards your fellow learners and the patients. It is normal to have questions but it is advisable to keep them until the end of the day because interrupting in between patient sessions can be counterproductive and seen as rude. You will know more when you enroll for an observership program, decide wisely.