Are You Hooked On Being Busy? Here's What You Don't Know About It

Ang tao kapag kinamusta mo, ang madalas na sagot "Okay lang" or "Eto busy."Before my VA Cheska resigned to fully work from h.ome, she was known to be the busiest member of the family, or the most wanted friend that you can never see during birthday gatherings, wedding occasions, and weekend getaways.

That is precisely because Cheska used to be so busy with her call center job in the night shift. When people ask where Cheska is, her mom would always say "Ay busy kasi yun sa work."

She's so busy with setting up and updating the department's bulletin board.Busy with mandatory OT.And most of all, busy catching up some sleep.Cheska was too tired to go out, not to mention getting up from her bed.

Her days off would vanish so quick, she'd say "Hay naku, trabaho nanaman" the moment she wakes up for another dragging night shift at work.

Are you hooked on being busy too?

If you are always busy, watch this first.

Make sure you watch 'til the end. Worth it ito, promise.

Alam mo yung pakiramdam ng "Ayoko na!"
or "Sana makapag-resign na ako!"or "Sawa na ako sa traffic!" or "Ganito na lang ba palagi?"
Meron ka rin bang sinulat sa Bucket List mo na ilang taon na ay nandun pa rin sa list at hindi ma-check-checkan gaya ng:

Write my own book
Go bungee jumping
Try sky diving
Go to Bali with my husband
Visit Disneyland with my children
Eat pizza in Italy
Complete a marathon
Watch a meteor shower
Learn how to play guitar
Eat sushi in Japan
Ride a gondola in Venice
Have my photo taken at Platform 9 3/4
Swim with dolphins

Hanggang sa sulat ka na lang ba?

Dahil sobrang busy mo sa work.
Busy ka kasi ang dami mong meetings.
Busy ka kasi may tinatapos kang project for boss.
Busy ka kasi di mo natapos ang deadline mo
dahil na-late ka ng dating sa work
dahil ma-traffic sa EDSA
dahil sira ang MRT.

Ang daming "dahil" diba?

There have been times in our life when we believe all our happiness revolve around how busy we were. "If I was busy, I was using time wisely." "If I was busy, I was proving to myself that I was valuable." "If I was busy, I was creating the possibility of a better life in the future."

Pag busy ka, you are easily distracted and overwhelmed. All you can think about is the short-term - leading to poor decisions like neglecting relationships for work, at malunod ng tuluyan sa emails.

Hindi pala totoo na success leads to happiness. A research suggests that it is the other way around - happiness leads to success. Mas beneficial ang mag-shift ng focus from achieving future happiness to accessing that joy RIGHT NOW.

Kung gusto mo maging successful, maging happy ka muna.Ano bang nagpapa-happy sayo?

Spending time with family.
Going out with friends.
Travel or adventure.
Helping other people.
Doing things you are passionate about like taking care of animals.
Eating something you've never tried before.

Pero Jomar, madaling sabihin, mahirap gawin.


Gusto mo maging successful? YES.
Gusto mo maging happy? YES.
Gawin mo ang mga bagay na nagpapa-happy sayo.

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Gusto mo ba talaga?

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