Club Concert Hooray for Earth/Grooms 

When: Mon., Aug. 18, 8:30 p.m.
Price: $8 ADV, $10 DOS

The New York-based Hooray For Earth makes guitar-rock seem simple. There’s a booming synth-laden soundscape the band applies to the weight of their heavy riffs that’s complex and tightly executed. Their latest release, Racy, presents a richly modern sound with a dash of ’80s New Wave aesthetic. “Last First” begins with a mysteriously cheerful piano and synth progression that escalates to a quirky soaring rock anthem. Check out “Airs” for the band’s brilliantly clean yet noisy guitar style for which it’s known. Hooray For Earth almost begs to spill into the pop genre as it compiles experimental sounds into a nicely produced entity. (Eric Gonzalez)

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