3 ways to use Tackk for Easter or Spring Break

Some Teachers and Students are finally enjoying Spring Break this week to spend quality time with family and friends. While the short break is relaxing, we know that some Teachers are quickly prepping for their final lesson plans of the year, and we want to help! Here are 3 ways you can use Tackk for a fun Easter or Spring Break assignment.

3. Collaborate Using Tackk Stream

  • Ask students to work together to create their perfect Easter menu.
  • Allow students to add fun photos, videos, music or GIFs of the menu.
  • Have students respond to each other using Tackk Stream.

2. Recaps & Summaries

  • Assign students to create a Tackk to show a summary of their Easter or Spring Break plans.
  • Prompt students to include photos, upload videos, and fun Easter GIFs.
  • Detail what their favorite part of Easter or Spring Break was.

1. Short Stories

  • Assign students to write a fictional short story about easter traditions e.g. Easter egg hunts, family traditions, etc.
  • Have them include photos, videos, text and interactive media.
  • Prompt students to give each other feedback using Tackk Stream.

Don't forget to tweet your Tackks to us so we can feature them!

Have a Great Spring Break and Happy Easter!

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2 years ago

I'll be doing something like this after break with my new techies....

9 months ago
7 months ago

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