Horizon Basics for New ILS

  • Log in
  • Check in (CKI)/Check out (CKO)
  • Adding Patrons
  • Patron History
  • Fines and lost/damaged book payments
  • Clear fines/lost & damaged books
  • Place and fill holds--ILL & red bags
  • Search for items in Horizon and HIP

Login to Horizon Using Citrix Receiver

If everything goes well, you should expect to see this. . .

However, you may get an additional login screen. Remember


is your friend!

Check in (CKI) and Check out (CKO)

F8 allows you to toggle between the CKI and CKO screens.
F4 will allow you to search for a borrower and look up their record.
F2 allows you to look up items by barcode, keywords, ISBN, etc.

Checking In Materials

  • Each item has a barcode specific for the item.
  • Most items will scan without “exceptions.”
  • Listen carefully for the “exceptions.”
  • Turn the volume all the way up on your circulation computer. The beeping is hard to hear!
This item will "beep" upon check in, due to the student owing a fine/lost book. Be sure to click ESC to clear before continuing.
Request from someone at your campus.
Request from someone at another campus.

Checking Out Materials

  • Every student has a 6 digit number (lunch number) that is used to check out books.
    • Patrons may use a physical library card, scan their student id, or type in their lunch number.
  • You can search for a student’s name by using the function key, F4.
  • If still not there, write down the student’s name, teacher, and the barcodes of the books the student is wanting to borrow. Enter into computer at a later time. (A notebooks is helpful for this!)
  • We do not have checkout limits. All students should have access to books.
  • Watch and listen for exceptions.
Student has overdue/lost book. Click CKO before checking out additional materials.

Adding a Patron

F5 will create a new record and allow you to fill in the patron's information.

F6 will allow you to edit a current patron's record.

Patron History

  1. F4 to find a patron.
  2. Click on Blocks.
  3. Pull down Blocks--->>Show History
Looking at history can give you a better picture!

Paying Fines/Lost Books

See document: Paying for Lost Books

  1. Use F4 to find a patron's record.
  2. Click on the CKO button at the bottom. You may have to click on Override.
  3. Click on All Items Out.
  4. This will bring up a list of all items the student has out.
  5. Click on Blocks to see which items are overdue, lost or have fines.
27,595 books and items shared between schools during the 2014-15 school year.

Different Types of Holds

  • Bib Hold
    • The patron requested a specific title, but doesn’t have a preference where the item is located. Any of the items under that specific record will do. These items are not barcode specific.
  • Item Hold
    • The patron wants a very specific item that belongs with a specific barcode. If the book is an “item hold”, you must look at the barcode when pulling the book.


  • When an item is checked in and shows that it needs to go to another campus, a “In Transit Slip” is generated.
  • Fold this slip to fit in the outside pocket of a red bag. Highlight the name of the school you are sending it to.
  • Place the item being sent in the bag.
  • Red bags are placed in the red bin in the front office.
    • Learn your driver’s schedule and check the bin daily.
    • Show your driver your appreciation once in a while.

Searching for Items in Horizon and HIP

Searching in Horizon

  • F2 to search by barcode, title, author, keywords, subject or ISBN.
  • Type in search term and click ok.
  • Video: How to Search in Horizon.

Searching in HIP

  • Access from website--aldineisd.org
  • Go to Parents/Students-->>Student Resources-->>My Library.
  • Video: How to Search in HIP.