Citrix/Horizon Install--July 2015

1. Go to and click Download Receiver 4.3 for Windows.

2. Click Save. The application CitrixReceiver.exe will download. It should appear at the bottom of your screen as a download. Click to open.

3. Click Start. Check the box to accept the license agreement. Click Next. On the next screen,  click the radio button to Agree and click Install.

4. The receiver will begin to install. Wait for it. . . Once it installs, click Add Account.

5.  Type in and click Add Account.

6. Domain\user: dynixasp\aldine + the number given to you in the spreadsheet (click link below). Example: Smith Academy is aldine31, aldine32, or aldine33. One license is allotted for each computer used. Password is r!d3!c0n (that is a zero, and not the letter o).

7. Click Log On. You will need to add the apps, Horizon and Reports Manager to your Citrix screen.

8. Login to Horizon. If you have never logged in before, take a look at both pictures. You will need the information to login to the server, also.

If you have any questions, contact Elizabeth Hensley.