Haunted House Down the Street

On a autumn night in 2012, Sarah now learned that her house had someone murderd in her room was a little girl named Jane. Jane hated anyone who was in her house but when Sarah's family moved in, she got so furstered that she wanted them dead.

That night, there was a nosie that came from downstairs as Sarah got ready for bed.

"I better check if anyone is still up." Sarah said to herself

She went downstairs and saw no one was up but she saw a simble on the wall that had a x crossing the circle. Then she heard a door open upstairs, she walked up the stairs and saw a little girl standing there smiling. Sarah ran to her room and slamed the door but Jane stopped her and smiled at her as she closed it. Sarah was heavely breathing when she went to bed. But Jane was sitting by her door banging on it really loud, so she couldn't sleep for that night.

The next day:

Sarah and her family had breakfast, but it was very silent.

"Where you punching something last night?" Her dad asked breaking the silence.

"No, I was having a bad dream nothing to worry about." Sarah said shaking her head.

It got quiet after that until her mom asked, "Do you want more to eat Hannah?"

Hannah was her little niaive sister who never had a care in the world, since she was 5 years old.

"Jane said i couldn't have anymore to eat mom." Hannah without looking from the plate.

"Whos Jane?"

"The girl that used to live here before us."

Sarah sat there shocked when she said that. Jane was going to kill them. The bus came and her and her sister went to school.

That night:

Everyone was asleep execpt Sarah. She was so scared, she didn't get any sleep. Jane came to her room and threwthe door open but Sarah got up and ran away from the house as Jane followed. Sarah was heading to the local graveyard and saw her grave in the middle with an cross turned upside down. She started to dig into the grave. She found her caset and saw a chant on it to bring her back to the grave. As Jane got closer Sarah shouted the chant and Jane was sent back to the dead. She just sank into the ground while demons circled her, making yelling sounds. After all of that, Sarah walked all the way home, tired. When she got home she fell fast asleep for the first time.

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