Native American Tribe

The name may sound funny but this tribe has an important history.  Chief Powhatan lived on this tribe's reservation in Virginia, and he was also the father of Pocahontas.  

The tribe is still governed by a chief and a council which consists of 7 members.  These members are elected every four years.  

Hunting, fishing, pottery making and farming are ways of life for this tribe.  The tribe lives along the Pamunkey River, where they fish for shad and herring.  The tribe still honors it's 400 year old agreement to pay taxes to the Governor of Virginia each year in the form of a deer.  

The Native American tribes in Virginia in the 1600's spoke 3 different languages.  The Pamunkey tribe spoke Algonquian.  The language is now lost except for about 12 words.  

Houses were made of trees that were bent into a dome shape.  The roofs were covered with bark.   There was a hole in the roof so the smoke from a fire could exit.  These houses kept the tribe warm and dry during the winter.  Houses would be in a walled area with several other houses.     

A breech cloth made of deer skin was worn by the men of the tribe.  If a man had a high position, like a council member, he may wear a deerskin shirt-like garment or one made of turkey feathers along with shells, pearls, beads and copper.  

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