A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Michaela Hountis
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Nissan, Racing, Family
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Michaela Hountis

The past four years of my life I have been involved in auto racing. The first three years I didn’t find much interest in the sport, due to the fact I didn’t know much about it and it. Now that my boyfriend is starting his racing career, I have become much more involved and am growing to love the sport. We have gone to his racing school and to see him live his dream has made me much more drawn to the sport. Racing is entertaining to watch, but it can be scary to watch a love one in the car going the speed they are going at when on the track.

For Super Bowl XLVIII, Nissan promoted the Nissan 370z. The commercial starts out with the parent’s son being born in the hospital. Then, throughout the commercial, it shows the son growing up. The father wasn’t there for the most part, since he was a race car driver. He raced a Nissan 370z. When the dad was gone for a race the mom was sitting at home with their son watching the race and the dad crashes. The mom tries not to show the she is concerned because her son is right there staring right back at her. Once she sees her husband come out of the car she has a sigh of relief and is good again. After seeing the crash, she knew she couldn’t keep living like this anymore. This lead to the parents getting a divorce. Their son stayed with the mom as the dad kept going on with his racing career. The dad and the son didn’t see each other much, due to his career. In the end, the son meets back up again with the dad. When he sees his dad again he is rolling up in a brand new Nissan. The son is super impressed when he first sees his dad and is glad that his dad stayed with racing even though he didn't get to see him much.

This commercial really captures and is addressing to both families and strong men. Nissan is saying that it is a good and safe car for families to drive, since thats what the dad picked the son up with when he surprised him. Also, shows it safe because the dad was driving one when he got into a crash. With the mom and the dad splitting and the dad going on still and doing what he loves makes him look very strong. The commercial is saying if you want both a family safe orientated car, but still want to have a fun one, then choose Nissan because it has both.

In the background of the commercial the song “The Cats In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin is a perfect song for this commercial. The lyrics resemble the son from when he was born, to when his parents got a divorce, and to how he looked up to his dad in the end when he rolls up in the new Nissan. One of the lyrics it says “I wanna be just like you dad”, the whole song and especially this lyric resembles on how the son thinks toward his dad. The Song connects the father and son even though they may not see each other all the time; like the son did with the mom since she was always home with him. The song works to make us feel sentimental, love, joy, it reminds us of the good ole time.

The only thing that is happening, as far as words go, is the song playing the background. There is not much logos. The dad races a Nissan and it shows the logo of Nissan both in the race and when he goes to pick his son up. Once again, Nissan is trying to argue that the lovial will drive a Nissan since it can be both a fast and safe car. The dad winning race after race he is in makes Nissan look like a reliable company for he doesn’t have any problems with the car and that he was fine during the accident he got into during the race.

With me being a new and young driver on the road this commercial spoke to me too. It is a nice looking car and it safe. I have been in an accident once already, on my own as a driver, and knowing that a race car driving can drive it and be in super bad accident makes me feel safer and better about getting a Nissan. Being a girl you want both a good looking car and safe one. Nissan argues it is both.

Even though I haven’t been involved with racing, this commercial really hits home for me. When you have been dating someone for about four years and you have been around a racing family for that long it is hard not to like it. Racing is a dangerous sport, but Nissan makes you feel more comfortable if your love one is in it because it is so safe. Nissan really makes you want to buy the car because when you get it you are getting the best of both worlds.

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