How To Improve The Design Of Your Website?

The way your website is laid out, its fonts, images and all can really make a difference as to how your website fares. Is it a success or a failure? If you want to ensure that people stay on your website for a longer period of time or click or buy, then read the following design tips-

Design a professional logo and link it to your home page

For your brand the logo is an identity of sorts. You need to ensure that it is placed prominently on your site. The logo must be of high resolution and it must be placed on the upper left corner of each and every business page of yours. It is also a good practice to link your logo back to your home page, so it will be easier for the visitors to navigate through it. Get the services of web solutions in Dubai to get your website more business.

Navigation must be intuitive

The primary navigation options are usually used in a horizontal menu bar that is used at the top of the site. It is also important to provide secondary navigation options that are below the primary navigation bar or on the left margin of the website which is also known as the sidebar.

You may ask why the intuitive navigation is so important. A confusing navigation layout will have people leaving the page sooner than trying to figure it out. To put links in the less important pages will detract from the call to action; the primary information must always be at the top of the home or the landing pages and the less important pieces must be placed at the bottom of the page or in the footer.

Avoid Clutter

Its quiet simple to be overloaded with several images and it can reach to a point where your brain can stop all its functioning with the processing of the information. This can happen when one is confronted with several choices. If you have to retain the visitors to your site, then you have to ensure that there are not much competing calls to action or any kind of visual clutter like graphics, pictures, or even animated gifts. All these things would draw the attention of the viewer to unwanted things. By restricting the option of the links and in the header and footer, you can again narrow down the option.

You can again streamline the options by keeping the paragraphs short, as in a single paragraph the lines must not be more than five or six lines.

  • Breathing room must be given-You must create enough space between the paragraphs and the images, so that the viewer gets enough time and space to read and grasp all the features of the site. To control the white space through the layout will let the users remain focused on the content and the control of the user will keep flowing. Since a lot of visual competition is taking place on the websites and the mobiles; it is always better to have less. When the white space is controlled it will improve the user experience and will increase the rate of returns from the website.

To make your website appealing and give it maximum number of visitors, you must get in touch with a digital agency or a web development company who will offer you the right services at affordable prices. You can get amazing web solutions in Dubai just search and you will find.