How to Buy a Jilbab Online?

One of the biggest concern of an online shopper is, “I have bought an outfit, now will it fit me or not?” One needs to be extremely careful while choosing clothes online, so that you don't have to get the clothes replaced. Today, most Muslim women prefer shopping from online Islamic sites as one can find a huge variety of clothing options in various designs, patterns and colors. A jilbab is one of the popular Islamic outfits for Muslim women and one can find numerous stylish jilbabs online. The only trick you must know is how to select a jilbab of the right measurement. The following guide will help you make the right choice:

What to Measure
Before we tell you how to measure, it is important to know what you need to measure. There are a few measurements that you must certainly have with you, before you start shopping. Those measurements are:

-Height: Measure your complete height.

-The Length of the Jilbab: For this, you must take the measurement from the middle of the back shoulder till the heel. The jilbab you select must drop till your heels, as covering the entire body is one of the major dressing rules of Islam.....

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