How to Choose a Pet According to Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has its own preferences, needs and requirements when it comes to pets. If you have decided to have a pet, you might want to think about your compatibility with the pet. Some people want a pet for companionship, some have them for protection, and others want them for entertainment. Astrology can reveal what kind of animal works best for your zodiac sign. Read on to find out which pets are compatible with each sign of the zodiac!


Aries people are very independent and energetic. The ideal pet for Aries is a lively and playful dog that can keep up with them. A Labrador, Golden Retriever or a Jack Russell terrier is the best pet for people born under this sign. These dogs will be happy to run alongside you in the park and keep you company. Besides dogs, Aries people also like birds and hamsters.


Taureans love to spend time at home and they also love cuddling. A warm and fuzzy pet like Russian blue, Scottish fold cat, German shepherd or a Golden Retriever would be a great companion for people born under the sign of Taurus. If you're not a dog or cat lover, a rabbit or aquarium fish are also good options for you.


Geminis are restless, witty and communicative individuals. Their perfect companion would be a parrot or cockatiel who are non-stop chatterboxes just like Geminis. These intelligent birds will talk to them all day long and will keep them amused. Intelligent pets like the German shepherd or Siamese cat are also ideal for people born under this sign.


Cancerians are sensitive and moody, but at the same time they are very loyal and caring. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, you need a furry friend you can hold in your hands like a guinea pig. Cancerians love small animals like a hamster or a lazy cat that will always be around. A giant and loyal dog like the St. Bernard who will guard you and your family is also a great option.


Leos are confident, strong, ambitious and a little egocentric at times. A long-haired cat or a dog are ideal pets for this type of person. However, the pet that suits this type of person the most is a regal animal like the horse.


Virgos are very helpful and observant, but they are also picky and critical. Their pets must be trained, intelligent and clean. They love big loyal dogs and cats, but they are more likely to get a pet if they have a house with a really big yard. A fish is probably the perfect pet for the Virgo because it requires minimal care and they just have to sit and enjoy watching them swimming.


Libras are very peaceful individuals, who need harmony and balance in their life. Aesthetics is very important to Libras, so they want beautiful and cute pets like Cocker Spaniel, Main Coon or Russian Blue cat. Exotic birds and fish can also be great pets for the charming Libra.


Scorpios are very emotional individuals who like all animals. They love cats and don't care whether the cat is a pure breed or not. This zodiac sign resonates with the seductive and secretive nature of the reptile family, so they also love exotic snakes, tarantulas or scorpions. The Great Dane is also a great and noble dog breed - ideal for the people born under the Scorpio astrology sign.


Sagittarians are travellers who love their freedom and they typically don't enjoy pets. However, fish or a friendly dog that is capable of long walks can be a great choice for people born under this sign.


Capricorns are very responsible and patient individuals. The perfect pet for the Capricorn is the Persian cat because it's independent and can take care of itself. Fish, birds, hamsters or ferrets are also ideal for these people because they require very little attention and care. Some Capricorns would also like to adopt a cuddly dog.


Aquarians are witty, romantic and have an eccentric taste. They will love exotic and unique pets like a turtle, iguana, lizard or an outdoor cat. Aquarians also love the company of birds.


Pisceans are very emotional, devoted and compassionate individuals. They love all animals and are very caring towards them. They love cuddling, so a rabbit or a cat can fit well in this category. Pisceans don't have an ideal pet because they can easily adapt to all animals.