How to Choose a Recliner Sofa at a Furniture Rental Store

What do you get when you cross a recliner with a sofa? A recliner sofa, of course. All kidding aside, this piece of combo furniture does exist, and is becoming a very popular item on the furniture rental scene. Combining the relaxation and comfort of a recliner with the size and style of a sofa, it's a great choice for anyone seeking dual functionality in the living room or family room. The following tips will help you choose a recliner sofa that fits perfectly in your designated space.

Coordinate with your decor. If you already have your d├ęcor in place, choosing the right recliner sofa could be a relatively simple and straightforward process. In this case, you can go with something that matches the colors, style, and overall look and feel of what's already been established in the room.

Get a feel for fabrics. The right fabric will largely depend on your lifestyle. For instance, if you have active kids or pets, you may want to steer clear of leather or other materials that are easily susceptible to wear and tear. However, if you have neither, then leather can provide style and comfort that lasts for ages.

Measure around designated space. Like a sofa, a recliner sofa usually takes up quite a bit of real estate. Measure around the designated spot to make sure you avoid something that is either too small or too big, and get the perfect fit.

Focus on function needs. As you've probably imagined, recliner sofas are more functional than your typical couch. Keep an eye out for reclining settings, center consoles, and other features that may give you a better value on your investment.

Shop at the right place. When it comes to choosing a recliner sofa you can be happy with, the right store makes all the difference. From affordability to customer service, Buddy's Home Furnishings aims to deliver a comfortable shopping experience. Visit our website at to explore our huge selection of rental furniture and payment options.