Get the Look: Spider-Man

Sometimes it's fun to be the superhero's girl. Sometimes it's better to just be the superhero. Bring some summer blockbuster fun to wardrobe with a Spider-Man themed outfit.

1.Spidey Blues

Rock the iconic Spider-man blue without the sweltering heat of lycra and sunshine. A full skirt and sleeveless bodice allows for ease of movement whilst fighting crime.

2. Superhero Spandex

You aren't a superhero without spandex. Period. Match the color of the dress as closely as possible for best effect.

3. Get Invested

Pay homage to Spidey's benefactor and muse with a spidery red vest.

4. Seeing Red

It's not Spider-man without bold reds to balance those smooth blues. Break it up with a big bold belt.

5. These Boots Were Made for Ass-Kicking

While you're at it, get a pair of matching ass-kicking boots. Low square heel and ankle height allow for mobility, and keep legs from overheating in the summer heat.

6. Secret Identity

As a superhero, you're bound to have enemies. Protect your identity and your eyes with a large pair of sunglasses.

7. From Head to Toe

Wearing full facial masks is frustrating. Try a hat instead.

8. Spidey Senses

Accessorize with our favorite mutant arachnids. After all, they got you this gig.

9. The Amazing Spider(wo)man
Let everyone know just who you are with a bold spider across your chest. Evil-doers, beware!

Bonus: Blood of Thine Enemies

Paint your nails a bright red for increased class and badassery. Happy crime-fighting!