How to Maintain your Filming Location’s Wooden Furnishings

Wooden furnishings have always provided that charm most filming locations have. One such filming location can be seen in where their door and other furniture show great wood work and design – especially its dark wood paneled ceilings and molding. Now, if you have wooden furnishings and you wish to make sure they are presentable especially to location scouts then here’s an advice how you can maintain them. Wood can be a bit sensitive to treat and to maintain so you must know how to clean it properly especially if it is for filming locations.

1. Know your wood’s finishing.

The type of cleaner you will use will depend on your wood furniture’s finishing. It is best to ask how the wood furniture you just bought should be cleaned just to be on the safe side.

2. Dust it properly.

There are different ways of dusting your wood furniture. One way is to use a feather duster. Another is to use a clean cloth. The best way to do this is to first dampen the cloth to catch all the dust. Dusting it with a dry cloth or even a feather duster may remove the dust but also just lets them float on air. Eventually the dusts will fall on your wooden furniture. With a dampened cloth, the dust will stick to the cloth.

3. Use a cleaner to remove any wax.

If you use wax to clean your furniture, it is best to first use a cleaner to remove the wax. If you are using antique wood furniture then it is best to use paint thinner to remove the wax. Scrub it little by little then use a dampened cloth to wipe it away.

4. Use a dishwashing solution to clean the wood.

Use a dishwashing solution to clean the wood. With warm water, mix the dishwashing solution and dampen your cloth. In circular motion, clean the wood furniture. Afterwards, dry it. Do not leak water to it. This can stain the wood instead of clean it.

There are many techniques on how to clean wood furnishings for filming locations. However, you need to be more familiar with how to clean it the moment you bought it.