How to Play Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy basketball works on the same premise that fantasy football or any other fantasy sport does, drafting players for a fantasy team, and basing scores on how well those players did in real life. The aim is to create the best assemblage of players possible, one that will outperform league competitors. A fantasy basketball league can be a group of strangers (public league) or a group of friends, family or coworkers (private league). Fantasy basketball can be played at ESPN, Yahoo, and other sites that offer a platform for the game.

There are choices to be made within the game of fantasy basketball including choosing between League Play and Salary Cap. League Play involves forming teams through drafts or auctions, whereas Salary Cap involves having a specific amount of money to spend on the entire team. Every player then, has their set price, and the player can choose to spend most of their money on one great player, but will have to settle for second-rate players to round out the rest of their team. Or, it’s possible to have an entire team of players who have displayed reliable performances. The rules and scoring strategies for League Play and Salary Cap are different; so many people try both to see what they like.

Another important aspect in learning how to play fantasy basketball is choosing categories. There are the basic categories like rebounds, points scored, blocks, assists, 3-pointers, steals, etc., and there are more exotic categories like turnovers and ejections. Category choice is a balance and often learned by trial and error.

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