How to prep up a residential wedding venue

Do you know that your house can be a wedding venue? Well, this comes as no surprise especially with the many houses prepping their place for different occasion. There’s also the fact that most people who live in the US, especially those who live in the Los Angeles, opted their houses as filming locations.

If you have a big garden or backyard, and you think this is the perfect venue for someone’s wedding, then you got yourself a good business venture. It won’t cost you much especially since all you have to do is fix it and maintain it, and offer it as a wedding venue.

Prepping the Residence

Houses in Los Angeles are not only open as filming locations. There are some opened as wedding venues. is one residential venue which offers both these services. They have spacious gardens and bright rooms to entertain guests.

If you have a wide garden or backyard, or you have great rooms to accommodate guests, then offering your house as a wedding venue – or any other events – can be a great way to earn extra income and even learn more about event organizing. If you want to know how to prep your residence for such use, read on. Below are ways to prep your residence for weddings.

1. Keep the rooms clean.

Since you will be offering your residence as a wedding venue, you need to always keep your rooms clean. These might be used by the bride and groom as their area to prepare. Don’t just offer a part of your house. Always keep extra rooms in your house for such use.

2. Have the living room ready for guests.

There will be times when guests need to enter the house. Prepare the living room and even your library for them. They might use it for small chats or simply to relax.

3. Equip your kitchen.

Since your residence will be used for weddings, there is also a chance even the reception will be held in your home. Most people who opt for such wedding venues are after the convenience of having the wedding and reception in the same venue. It saves them time. This means you need to also equip your kitchen for your catering service. This means additional cooking utensils, equipment and other tools.

4. Maintain your garden.

Keep your garden clean. Include flowers but don’t overpower your garden with it. It is safe to include white colored ones to fit the client’s motifs.

Houses are not only for filming locations but also for events like weddings. If your house has the potential to host parties, especially momentous events, this is a great way to open it up for business. What we just shared are just some simple prep tips to transform your residence to a wedding venue.