Tips on How to Talk To Shy Guys

1. Ask him questions

If he's shy this is a great way to get to know each other without putting to much pressure on him. He probably wants to talk but he just doesn't know how to start the conversation so you'll be making it easier for him if you ask questions and probe him a bit.

2. Don't force him into awkward group hangouts

He doesn't want to sit there and listen to you and a group of your friends go on and on about a topic he knows nothing nor cares about. It's an uncomfortable situation for him to be in and it will be really tough for him to feel comfortable around you.

3. Give him his space

You have to understand that he needs alone time. If your crush is introverted, this is important. Being introverted means you crave alone time, and you need it in order to recharge and feel good about life. Don't take it personally if he needs to spend time by himself.

4. Stop asking him whats wrong.

Never ask what's wrong or why are you so quiet? Asking just makes him not want to talk that much more. Just be patient and give him the space he needs to feel comfortable enough to open up to you.

5. Talk about things you know he likes

Find out from him or his friends what he's into and the conversation will run that much more smoothly. If you're not that familiar with what his interests are (say he's a sports fan and you know nothing about sports) tell him to explain or teach you about them!