HOW TO: use Tackk in the classroom
{5 easy steps}

So, you've heard of Tackk and want to test it out in the classroom. Music to our ears!

To help you get started, here are five steps to take next:

1. Sign up through email, Google or Edmodo

Tackk is a Google and Edmodo partner so single sign-on is simple for teachers and students. Or if you prefer, use email/password.

2. Fill out your profile

Upload a photo, add a quick description about who you are and follow users to populate your feed with interesting content.

(Tackk will walk you through these steps)

3. Create a Tackk

After your profile is created, select 'Create a Tackk'.

3a. Use the widget bar to add content to your Tackk. Text, headlines, photos, media and more. AppSmash with your favorite apps.

3b. Style your Tackk using the tabs in the editor (color, font, patterns).

3c. Make your Tackk public or private, upload a custom background, customize your URL then publish.

Tackk ideas: write a blog post, create a bio, assign a student project, draft a newsletter, promote an event

*If you want to access all Tackk templates, visit our edu page or the image below.

Start from scratch, or from a premade template.

4. Use #tags to organize student Tackks

Designate your tags as part of your assignments. (e.g. #MsSmith or #MLKproject)

Ask students to add tags under 'Tackk options' to organize student work.

Get a full step-by-step on using tags on this Tackk.

Mr. Klimkowski uses #klimkowski as his tag for a moon cycle project.

5. Collaborate with students

Use Tackk Stream to give feedback, ask questions and ignite discussion.

Engage students with each other (and other classrooms) to do the same.

See examples of Stream collaboration.