How I Use Complete

Complete CEO Xander Schultz

We founded Complete with the idea that a social network can provide so much more than entertainment value. With the right platform, people can make daily life easier for each other through their support, advice and connections.

So far, Complete has lived up to our vision. I’ve been inspired watching the innovative ways our beta testers have used Complete, and have adopted some of their best practices. I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve picked up and how I apply them to improve the four most important areas of my life. Health, Home, Work and Relationships.

My Health

Diet - The complete communities support of tasks like “No sugar for two weeks” has allowed me to dramatically clean up my diet. I feel more accountable by announcing my intentions.

Exercise - I use that same accountability practice to announce my weekly workout milestones and stick to them. Sometimes it's the amount of miles I want to run, sometimes the number of times I want to hit the gym, sometimes just something simple to get me off my butt (like the photo above). By announcing a rock climbing goal, I also discovered several of my friends were fellow climbers and have since been able to exchange tips with each other and hit the gym together.

My Home

Finding Trusted Service Providers - Every new week brings a new need. Dog sitters, plumbers, auto body shops, gym memberships, auto body shops again (it was a bad year for my car). By making my tasks public, my followers were able to suggest providers I could trust before I spent hours searching.

Bargain Shopping - I’m not nearly as frugal as some of my friends, and Amazon Prime is not helping the problem. However, because my wishlist is on Complete, my bargain hunting friends are constantly providing me with better, cheaper alternatives. There’s also a healthy peer to peer marketplace on Complete, and my “Sell Headphones” task quickly became completed when a buddy reached out right after it was published.

My Work

Transparent Value - By announcing what we’re working on, we’ve eliminated a lot of redundancy at Complete and are leveraging our collective expertise much more effectively.

Crowdsourcing Feedback - Our users have often provided us with their perspective on how we should complete tasks involving upcoming features.

Hiring - One of my earliest public tasks was to find an amazing designer for Complete. Several people point us to Javin Ladish, and I can’t be more appreciative for that connection.

My Relationships

New Date Ideas - Much of my success and happiness is due to my relationship with my amazing girlfriend, Zoe. The advice we’ve received on Complete has led us on new adventures. We owe a birthday party location, a christmas tree and our new favorite brunch spot to the Complete community.

The Un-Lonely Planet Travel Guide - Whenever I know I’m going to be on the road, I make sure to put a few of my must do’s on Complete. Not only do I get great advice, I’ve been able to visit old friends and meet new ones by announcing where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing.

I hope some of my examples help you get more out of Complete. Make sure you publish your public tasks to Twitter and Facebook as well so you can get the most out of your existing networks. You’ll be amazed at how helpful the world can be!

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