Howland Dance Company

Veronica Howland
due: 10/01/14

Business plan

My business is a Dance Company. We are starting out with 4 styles of dance styles available for our dancers to try.  We will only be focusing on two styles. The first is Ballet, which are an hour long and will be held 2 nights a week, Monday and Wednesday, with the dancer being able to choose his/her night and time. Next is Hip Hop, which is also an hour long and will be held only one night a week, Tuesday, with the dancer being able to choose his/her time only.  


For the month of October 2014, there is only 4 weeks of classes for each day to give the kids a week off for homecoming, which will be September 29th - October 3rd.  I'm only able to have 5 classes a night, with the first one starting at 4:30. I have 4 different teachers teaching these two classes. Each class will have 10 kids in it, to keep the size small to be able to have hands on teaching. I won't be able to spend over $2,500.

Restrictions equations

x = # of students that can take Ballet classes

y= # of students that can take Hip Hop classes

x + y < 150

x < 100 and y < 50

$16.68x + 16.68y < 2500 per month

Cost and sell

16.68x + 16.68y = Cost

The cost of having four teachers is $625 per teacher, for every month. By having each kid come in once a week for a class the cost each month would be $16.68, for each student.


45x + 45y = I


Income - Cost = Profit

45x-16.68y = P

Maximize Profit


(100,50) $6750 = 45x + 45 y (sell) subtracted by

$2502 = 16.68x + 16.68 y (cost) equals

$4248= (45-16.68)x + (45-16.68)y (profit)


(200,200) $18000 = 45x +45y (sell) subtracted by

$6672 = 16.68x +16.68y (cost) equals

$11328 = (45-16.68)x + (45-16.68)y (profit)


(400,200) $27000 = 45x+45y (sell) subtracted by

$10008 = 16.68x+16.68y (cost) equals

$16992 = (45-16.68)x + (45-16.68)y (profit)