How Tackk became Tackk.

#WeAreTackk #EarlyDays

In the beginning, Tackk wasn't even called Tackk. It was called The Ringg.

Our goal was straightforward: create a simple tool that would empower newly engaged couples to create and share their engagement stories with friends and family in a way that was fast, easy, beautiful and free. It looked like this:

As we finished up that initial version of The Ringg, we started thinking about The Babyy. Then it was The Keyy (you get it... and, yes, the double letter was intentional). We realized it could be a universal tool, used to instantly create and share a vast array of robust content.

So, we took a step back. We refined our vision. We created

Today, Tackk can — and is — being used for everything, from personal announcements to selling stuff to promoting events.

Behind each of these Tackks remains an unwavering commitment to making content creation ridiculously simple, beautiful and instant. For everyone. How will you tackk today?