How Tackk Works.


Tackk lets you make any page as fast as you can type. Just click a text section to add words. Click the picture to upload an image. Click and drag the + button to add buttons, videos and other widgets anywhere. Style your Tackk with choice color, fonts and backgrounds, and top it off with a custom URL. Start creating now!


Once your Tackk has been created you can share your unique URL wherever you want. Tackk offers a one-stop shop for spreading your content to every social network. Create your content one time and then share the heck out of it.


Other people are creating on Tackk too! You can search and browse different tackkboards, look through the featured Tackks, and get inspired by the Tackk community. Find people who create awesome Tackks and keep up to date with their great creations by following their profile. Surf some boards now!

How does Tackk fit into your life?

Tackk is uniquely versatile and let's you create any way you want. Check out the different themes by clicking on the blue create button at the top of this page to see how you can begin creating, sharing, and building a community.