How to Focus & Get More Done

— Tips from Marie Forleo & Dr. Ned Hallowell —

Define Clear & Specific Goals

"Smart people underperform because they fail to prioritize."
You can't do everything at once, and you shouldn't.
Defining specific goals will force you to prioritize.

Everyday have 3 goals.
Every week or month, have 3 goals.
Every year, have 3 goals.
In this lifetime, have 3 goals.

Avoid Screen-Sucking

Out of every hour, most people spend at least 20 min dealing with
unplanned interruptions.

Check email at certain times of the day, each day.

TIO: turn it off, or else you'll be tempted.

Set Your Default Response to:
"Let me get back to you on that"

It's easy to get overcommitted, so take time to think about the proposed project and tell them "let me get back to you."

Does this project align with your short term and long term goals?

Is the project fabulous, but the timing just isn't right?

Never Worry Alone

We're incredibly connected electronically, but disconnected interpersonally.
We don't have the sense of belonging and company that we used to.
There's an awful lot of unacknowledged loneliness out there.

1- Find the people you can worry with

(they can/should be different for certain worries)

2- Get the facts about the worry

3- Create a plan to kick the worry to the curb

Cultivate Lilies and Get Rid of Leaches

It may take a ton of effort, concern and time, but if it's worth it, then do it.

Cultivate projects and people that are worth it. Get rid of projects and people that aren't. And don't have too many lilies.

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