This is a headline.
-4 size options
-4 color options

The video below is a google hangout tutorial of how I made this tackk. Feel free to watch it while you practice!

Lets add some text

Select the text tool and begin to type. You have 3 different text options. You may also change the alignment of your text.

Below is an image I imported from my device. You can import an image from your device, or upload an image from the web.
You have 2 size options for your image, along with the caption feature, which is located on the lower left-hand side of your image.

This is me being silly.

You can add videos from a variety of sources.
The one below is from youtube.

Next, I used the video tool to add an animoto video that I created.

I selected soundcloud to add audio to my tackk.

A button is a great option for adding access to any google document or outside source via URL.

I typed an address into the map tool. You have 2 size options and the ability to click and drag the map.

Tackk allows you to link up with your paypal account to sell items or even receive donations. Ensure the email address that is linked to your paypal account is correct before publishing.

When adding a form in your tackk, there are no modifications needed. Participants enter their name, email, and their message. That message is delivered to the email address listed in your tackk account.

The media tool is my favorite. So many options!

I used the media tool to import a slideshare below. Notice it looks different than the media displayed above.

You can have participants RSVP to your tackk or presentation, by selecting the RSVP tool. You will receive their RSVPs via email.

Please RSVP
0 people are going
Invite Friends
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Below is a comment stream. This feature can be turned on/off by visiting the drawer>options>comment stream. This is a unique feature that allows participants/users to add comments and questions directly to your tackk board.